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Lael Rose Hill | A Biography of Grant Hill Daughter

Lael Rose Hill

Grant Hill, an American Basketball player, and Tamia Hill, a Canadian singer-songwriter, have two daughters, Myla Grace Hill, and Lael Rose Hill. Myla Grace Hill was born on January 23, 2002, and is now 21. The little daughter Lael Rose Hill was born on August 9, 2007, and is now 15. In this article, I will explore the complete biography of Grant Hill’s daughter “Lael Rose Hill.” She is competent and obligated to study sports. Like her Father, she likes sports and is a good soccer player. Her parents are delighted to her about becoming a sports girl and joining their family hobbies.

Below is the complete biography of Lael Rose Hill, along with the related information about her parents and sister.


Early Life and Childhood

Lael Rose Hill belonged to the Hill family (a famous American sports family), and she is the younger daughter of basketball player C and famous singer Tamia Hill. She was born on August 9, 2007, in Orlando, Florida. Now she is 15 years old. She follows her Father and becomes a sports girl in contrast to her mother, and she is a singer and songwriter. From some private information, people said she was healthy and weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces when she was born.



As we know, she is 16 years old and studying in school; within 2-3 years, she will complete her education and go to college. As we know, she belongs to a wealthy family, and their parents will admit her expensive college where she will complete her study.


Lael Rose Hill’s Parents 

Grant Hill: (Father)

Grant Hill is a retired professional basketball executive, former player, and co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is the son of Calvin Hill, a former NFL football player, and his wife, Janet Hill. He was born on October 5, 1972, in Dallas, Texas, USA. Grant Hill studied at Duke University, played college basketball at that University, won two NCAA championships, and became a two-time ACC Player of the Year during his study. 

Tamia Hill: (Mother)

Tamia Marilyn Washington Hill, professionally knowns as Tamia Hill, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actress, and producer and was born on May 9, 1975, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In the music industry, her interest began at an early age. In childhood, Tamia performed in various singing and dancing competitions. She caught the attention of music producer Quincy Jones, who signed her to his label in the mid-1990s. 

Tamia and her husband, Mr. Grant Hill, met for the first time in 1996. They got married in 1999 after dating for 3 years to each other, and are together even today. Now, she lives in Windermere, Florida, with her husband and kids, Myla Grace and Lael Rose Hill.


Lael Rose Hill’s Elder Sister

Myla Grace is the elder sister of Lael Rose Hill and the first daughter of Tamia Hill. She was born on January 23, 2002, and now she is 21 years old and lives with her beloved parents. She is an MMA fighter by profession. A 21-year-old girl is a rising star in martial arts and a good sports girl like her Father. She is a student of Rollins College and an adviser of the women’s team in his college and demonstrates her skills to the team.


Why is Lael Rose Hill becoming so popular day by day?

Her parents are a famous and popular family in the USA; therefore, she is becoming popular and well-known daily. Her mother linked with social media and updated her cute and beautiful pitcher on her private Instagram account.



Lael Rose Hill may be known for her famous parents, but she is making a name in soccer through her achievements and charitable work. Her talent in soccer is impressive, and to make a positive impact on the world. With a bright future ahead of her, we can expect to see more great things from Lael Rose Hill in the coming years. If you are her friend or have a personal relationship, please send Contact Us for suggestions.