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Sharon Benjamin Hodo: Andre 3000’s Mother

Sharon Benjamin Hodo Andre 3000's Mother

Sharon Benjamin Hodo was an embodiment of resilience, faith, and grace. Beyond being the mother to the renowned Grammy-winning artist Andre 3000, she was a luminary in her own right. A devoted philanthropist, her life was characterized by unwavering faith and a community-oriented approach imprinted in her life’s mission. She navigated numerous trials with dignity, profoundly influencing her son’s artistic path and the larger community. Despite her privacy preference, her remarkable legacy continues reverberating, underlining her strength and inspiring spirit.


Early Life and Family

Sharon Benjamin Hodo was a real estate broker known as the mother of Andre 3000, an American rapper and famous singer. Born on February 28, 1955, Sharon Benjamin-Hodo emerged from an ordinary family background to carve a unique path. The daughter of Rev. Grant Benjamin, Elnora Norris Benjamin, and raised by her stepmother Ruth Elizabeth Benjamin, her early years were marked by the civil rights struggle.

Sharon Benjamin Hodo at Consort
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This experience shaped her into a resilient individual equipped with a strong resolve. Despite the lack of details about her early life, largely due to her privacy preference, it’s clear this period was pivotal in moulding her. Preceded in death by her parents and four brothers, her legacy is a testament to a life well-lived, shaped by adversity, and dedicated to service.


Personal Life: Religious dedicated

Sharon Benjamin Hodo, born into spirituality and faith, made these values her pillars. Her unwavering belief in love, kindness, and divine guidance navigated her through life’s challenges, imbuing these virtues in those around her. She founded the Hodo Memorial Church of Christ as an active community member, a testament to her enduring faith and community commitment. Married to Pastor Robert L. Hodo, she balanced her religious duties with being a mother to Andre “3000” Benjamin, a grandmother to Seven Sirius Benjamin, and a stepmother to Aletha Moore. Her life, filled with religious dedication, familial love, and community service, remains a resonating legacy.


Relationship with Andre 3000

Sharon’s relationship with her son Andre was more than just a typical mother-son bond. As a single mother, Sharon poured all her love and energy into raising Andre, supporting him in every aspect of his life. She was his biggest cheerleader, nurturing his love for music and providing a steady influence as he navigated the challenges of fame.

Sharon’s influence on Andre’s life and career is evident in his music. His songs often carry themes of family, love, and spirituality, reflective of the values Sharon instilled in him. Andre has often spoken publicly about his mother’s vital role in his life, crediting her for his success.


Her Journey and Contribution to Her Community 

Despite sparse documentation, selfless service and unwavering faith defined Sharon Benjamin-Hodo’s professional journey. Her passion for assisting others and a deep-rooted commitment to her faith drove her career. She was not just devoted to her career but was also a dedicated philanthropist. She founded The Starlight Camp, a summer program for underprivileged children under the aegis of the New Morning Light Missionary Baptist Church

The profound mother-son bond between Sharon and Andre 3000 shaped him into an innovative artist of his era. More than a pillar of faith, Sharon was a community leader who sought to spiritually uplift her community through the Hodo Memorial Church of Christ. Her spirit continues to influence the community and the lives she touches.


Passing and Legacy

Sharon Benjamin Hodo passed away on May 27, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and peacefully departed in her home on May 28, 2013. Known affectionately as “Miss B,” family, friends, and the music community deeply mourned her passing. However, her enduring legacy lives on through The Starlight Camp and the countless lives she touched. Not just a testament to her son Andre 3000’s success, her life also embodies the impact of her philanthropy. In tribute to Sharon, Andre continues her charitable work, her life serving as an inspiration for faith, love, and compassion. Her indomitable spirit reverberates through her church, her son’s career, and her acts of service, illustrating an enduring legacy of faith, resilience, and community engagement.



Sharon Benjamin Hodo was a remarkable figure whose influence transcended her role as Andre 3000’s mother. She navigated life’s trials with resilient faith and kindness, deeply impacting her community through her philanthropic work. Her legacy, preserved in her son’s success, her charitable initiatives, and the lives she touched, stands as an inspiring testament to faith, love, and the transformative potential of individual action. The “Sharon Benjamin Hodo effect” symbolizes a life where steadfast faith fuels action, and love crafts an enduring legacy.