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Opened in 2014, Fight Club Austin is a local, women and men Fitness Magazine-owned studio that provides group fitness guides. Inspired by boxing, our classes incorporate heavy bags, kick bags, and speed bags to get your heart rate up and build your skills. Our classes are scalable for all fitness levels and fun for all ages.
Now The Fight Club Austin is closed for training due to COVID-19, We are starting to give you all guidelines and instructions through our blog/Magazine, Youtube Channel, and other social media platform.
At this stage, our Blog covers information about lifestyle, kickboxing elements into a motivating group fitness atmosphere, creating the ultimate workout experience. You will be challenged with a variety of strength, agility, and cardio exercises as you move through timed stations. With the guidance of our trainers, you’ll master heavy bags, kick bags, and speed bags in no time, in under one roof “Omni Fight Club Austin


It’s my first class, when should I get there?

For your first class, please arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than the stated class time to get signed in and wrapped up. An instructor will also give you a technique and safety demonstration on how to use kickboxing equipment.

I’ve never kickboxed before. Is that ok?

Yes! Most clients arrive as complete beginners, and we cater to newcomers. Just be sure to arrive early and we’ll provide all the necessary coaching.

What should I bring?

Close-toed shoes, a full water bottle, and heavy bag gloves (available for $4 rental or purchase at cost in-store).

Are all workouts alike?

Yes and no. You’ll always hit the heavy bag, speed bag, and kick bag but the rest of the workout varies, and every trainer structures their workouts differently.

Will we spar during workouts?

No, there is no sparring in our classes, but some trainers will do mitt work with clients.

How many calories will I burn during class?

Every person is different, but typically women will burn 400-700 calories, and men will burn 600-900 calories.

Do I need to bring my own gloves and wraps?

You will need your own gloves, but they are available for $4 rental or purchase at cost in-store. We provide wraps, but we recommend bringing or buying your own.

Does your facility have a shower?

No, but there is a small bathroom for client use.